Ecotraz PC Polished Concrete - Simple Elegance

Seamless, coloured polished concrete style overlayment.

Ecotraz PC Polished Concrete - Simple Elegance

Ecotraz PC Polished Concrete is a robust, pigmented topping system that is seamless and joint free giving a coloured concrete feel. Its industrial appearance ensures a quality appearance in public areas and is ideal for commercial and retail environments.

Ecotraz PC appears industrial and monolithic. Typically installed at thickness of 7mm, it is permanently resilient like high quality parquet or natural stone. Through differing colour hues, shades, grains and iridescent effects, each Ecotraz PC floor can be matched individually to particular requirements.

Ecotraz PC is compatible with underfloor heating, resistant to fading and chair wheels. The surface has a silky sheen and is abrasion and water-resistant.

The many advantages of Ecotraz PC Polished Concrete make the floors an attractive option for retail and leisure environments. The possibility to create customised floor designs for retail stores or restaurants is becoming increasingly important.

Make your Ecotraz PC Polished Concrete floor UNIQUE.


  • Thickness - nominal 7mm
  • Rapid installation technolgy leading to cost / time savings
  • Stylish and upmarket atmosphere
  • A range of colours is available.
  • Good wear and abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for high traffic areas
  • Compatible with piped underfloor heating
  • Rapid traffic system installed earlier in construction process
  • Excellent alternative to basic polished concrete floors

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