Ecotraz Classic - Speed and Beauty

Seamless, small aggregate rapid installation terrazzo.

Micro Terrazzo - The World's Fastest Terrazzo

Ecotraz Classic is a seamless, small aggregate terrazzo using rapid installation technology to create the timeless feel of terrazzo.

Ecotraz Classic is a highly durable thin-set terrazzo floor system combining the classic elegance and long term durability of terrazzo with the innovative rapid installation technology of our cementitious binder system.

The rapid cure cement based binder matrix allows large areas of terrazzo screed to be installed in-situ. Our special grinding and polishing process brings out the timeless beauty of the terrazzo.

The Ecotraz Classic cement based binder matrix employs rapid cure technology allowing large areas of floor to be installed quickly. Ecotraz Classic base can be walked on within 8 hours of base installation. The grinding process starts within 24 hours of base installation and is significantly quicker through the unique aggregate suspension systems employed within the binder matrix.

Ecotraz Classic can be installed quicker and earlier during the construction or refurbishment process leading to significant cost and time savings. Ecotraz Classic floors can be used typically within 4 - 5 days from start of installation (dependant on project size).

Ecotraz Classic is the fastest terrazzo floor available. Compared to traditional terrazzo tile systems, time savings of up to 6 weeks can be achieved meaning valuable trading areas can be opened and achieve revenue returns earlier. The seamless installation also eliminates grout line failure typically experienced with traditional tile systems.

Ecotraz Classic's installation benefits mean the timeless beauty of terrazzo can be achieved quicker and more cost effectively than other terrazzo systems.

Ecotraz Classic is simply the fastest, most cost effective terrazzo floor available today.


  • Thickness - nominal 12 - 15mm
  • Rapid installation technolgy leading to cost / time savings
  • Stylish and upmarket atmosphere
  • Classic Colour Matrix Options
  • Small aggregate blend
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for high traffic areas
  • Compatible with piped underfloor heating
  • Rapid traffic system installed earlier in construction process
  • Economic alternative to traditional terrazzo floors
  • Designs incorporated using metal divider bands.

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